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Mature days

The Mature Days setting controls how many days an Active and Published Sold property should appear on your website.

Sold properties will only appear on your website if they are

  1. Active and
  2. Published and
  3. Sold and
  4. must also be sold within the mature days setting in the administration section of iDashboard.

For example: If your mature days is set to 30, then the sold listing will be removed 30 days from the date it was set as sold.

If you want your Sold listings to appear on your website you will need to set the mature days setting in iDashboard (Admin > Company > Edit > Web Presence) to the number of days that you want these properties to appear on your site. If you want historical sold listings to appear, you will need to find them in your archive and republish them (just make sure the status is Sold!).

To change your mature days.

  1. Click on Admin.
  2. Click on Edit and then Web Presence.
  3. Select the number of mature days that a sold property stays on the website and click Update Agency.

Please note Mature days will only affect the listings on your website. and other real estate portals will only publish properties for the duration specified in your terms and conditions.

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