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Merge Field Trouble Shooting

Always create the document in WordPad or an equivalent RTF document editor. Please do not use Microsoft Word as RTF documents from Microsoft Word are NOT supported.

For Windows users, WordPad can be found under Accessories in your computer's Start menu. 

  1.  Check that the first line of the document is empty.
  2. Do not use soft breaks in paragraphs. (shift + enter) If you think soft breaks have been used, press backspace and create the paragraph break again using the Enter key.
  3. Keep the text style and size the same. If the document isn't merging, select all text and select the font.
  4. Do not use horizontal or vertical line breaks.

Please note Any error in the Rich Text Format (RTF) document will result in an error loading the page. When loading the document in the document library look for the error message which will indicate that there are errors with the merge fields you have used in the document.


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