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Set Up Contact Added Email aka Welcome Email

The contact added email also known as the welcome email, enables offices to setup a generic email that is optionally sent to new contacts added into iDashboard.

To set this up, first of all users need to setup the email within their document library.

Step 1. Create Email

To create the email follow the below steps

  1. Select Admin & Account Settings
  2. Click on Library down the left hand side
  3. Select Add New Item
  4. In the pop-up window, select Email Template
  5. Give the Email Template a Name
  6. (Optional) Select the category for this Email Template
  7. (Optional) Add a Description
  8. Click Create Item
  9. From the Document Library Index, select the Name of the Email Template
  10. Create the Email Template

You can also change the design of the Welcome Email by clicking Change Design and clicking the applicable design template you would like to use.

Step 2. Select Email To Be Used When a Contact Is Added for the Welcome Email

  1. Select Admin & Account Settings
  2. Click on the Edit Tab (Pencil Icon)
  3. Select the Preferences sub-tab
  4. From the drop down next to Contact Added Email Template, select your Welcome Email template that has been created.
  5. Enter the email subject that you would like used for your Welcome Email
  6. Click Update Agency

Now when you add a contact, you will be able to select the below option:

 Send a welcome email to the contact 




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